About Us

Mission Statement

pic13The mission of A&N Construction is to deliver the highest quality product in a timely fashion. We strive to make our work area the safest and cleanest possible for you and our employees. We aim to be able to adjust to new environments and unknowns with very little difficultly. We will do all this while being honest and forthright with you.

A&N Construction History

A&N Construction Inc. is based out of Ohio and was founded in 1988 by Alan and Norma Brown. A&N Construction Inc. is a family owned and operated company, Alan and Norma are now joined by their three sons and daughter. They started doing work with wall and floor coatings in 1989, which they have continued to do for over 28 years.

The company started as a residential and commercial contractor, but then switched their focus to be commercial and industrial contractors in 2003. This allowed them to focus more on the epoxy floor and wall coatings aspects of the business.

Since 2003 the business has expanded  into new fields of work such as becoming a sponge blasting contractor. Sponge blasting is an abrasive blasting technique for surface preparation involving the use of sponge, which makes the process less dusty. The company also continually does concrete, drain work, and repairs to underground water lines for fire suppression systems.  With each job A&N brings a commitment to do our best within a timely fashion. We take pride in being able to do jobs efficiently and safely; and to complete a job from start to finish.